March 9-18: Transformation Breathwork and Bio-Energetic Release Immersion


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In today’s human experience we often live in a state of being that is filled with tensions in the body and mind, emotions that are hard to understand or resolve, and a disconnect from our breath system. Being able to breathe in a connected, full and rich way is essential and it’s how we get access to clarity and vitality in life! Open yourself up to the possibility of increasing your energy, restoring your nervous system and balancing your emotions so you can find more connection with yourself and others, harmony in life and unfold your potential. What you’ll learn during this immersion, you will be able take with you to implement and positively impact all areas of your lives.

n our time together we will explore Somatic Movement, Fascia Release, Yoga Practices, Dance, Sound healing, Meditations, Connection excercises and much more. You will discover many simple techniques to free yourself from emotional and physical blockages. We will take our time to dive deep in the Transformational Power of Breathwork. Transformation Breathwork (TB) is a tool that opens the pathway to increased happiness, presence, inner peace and positive energy; discharging yourself from stuck energies, unresolved experiences and emotions. It’s an experience that nourishes the soul and creates more freedom in the body-mind complex. Empower yourself on your healing journey by building your toolbox, by learning to open up your body and support your breath and nervous system.

Giving yourself time to focus on yourself and to immerse yourself in breathwork, will have profound restoring and detoxing effects. Teaching your body to naturally breathe more deeply, smoothly in a more relaxed but still energetic and balanced way.

Come and explore, over the course of 10 days, the power of breath to transform. Now is the time for positive change and energy in your life, because you know you deserve this.

Give yourself the gift of Breath and the Joy of this Spirit Journey.

*Become a Transformation Breathwork Facilitator. This retreat can be used as the first in a 4 part series of trainings, learn how to give TB sessions to others in a safe and caring environment, more details upon request.*

•  Tuition includes entire course of study and training materials
• 2 Transformation Breathwork sessions per day
• All classes and workshops
Daily afternoon tea, free flow water