May 4-10: A Journey Through the Fascial System


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These are 7 day Intensives that are part of the Spirit Journey Yoga YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program) for teachers who are already certified with Yoga Alliance. They are also suitable for EVERYONE wishing to deepen their knowledge of the practice of yoga, breath awareness, meditation, pranayama and your human body through the fascia system.

Topics Include:

• Using Fascia Tension Release (FTR) techniques through fascia slings movement that will allow us increased flexibility in our bodies in a safe and very effective way
• Observing yoga asana practice through breath awareness and Tensegrity of the Fascia System
• Learn to observe body patterns in yourself and others that could cause tension and pain
• Access your strength through your deep core fascia lines
• Use Somatic Release Techniques and Bands of Tension Release through self study and partner work
• Focus and Concentration Drills through movement to gain more balance and a deeper understanding of movement with breath

By the end of the training you will be able to:
• Use breath and movements in a way that empower, embody and energize so you can incorporate this deeper knowledge of the breath into a daily life
• Gain a better understanding of balance, concentration and meditation
• Release the PSOAS muscle in yourself and others
• Use Assisted Fascia Release Techniques to create more flexibility in yourself and others
• Gain a better understanding of your body patterns that could cause tension and pain through knowledge of the fascia system